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Neurable’s brain-computer interface allows people to control software and devices using only their brain activity, transforming augmented and virtual reality by placing the user’s mind in the center of the experience.

We partnered with Neurable to create a new website that showcases their revolutionary technology while using design to elevate the perception normally associated with the video game space. By adding this touch of professionalism, Neurable’s technology can appeal to a wider audience. We implemented an image slider that beautifully displays custom illustration work that Neurable uses to communicate the possibilities of their technology. We also developed a dynamic news feed, in which the Neurable team can easily control and prominently feature press releases and articles written about the company.






Neurable Laptop

“Instead of just pressing a button to create magic, imagine actually willing magic to happen. That’s the future we want to create with Neurable.”

Ramses Alcaide, President and CEONeurable

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Neurable Mobile 3 Up

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