Monderer builds vibrant, agile brands for visionary organizations. Our services turn strategy and ambition into design solutions that communicate powerful messages and strengthen brand value by creating integrated communications across all touch-points.

Logo + Identity

  • Generating a Logo

    A logo is the visual representation of a business in its simplest form. Generally, it features the company name, and sometimes other graphical elements and emblems. It takes creativity, insight, and experience on how best to develop memorable logos that form the foundation for company communications.

  • Establishing an Identity

    The visual aspects that form part of the overall brand is the identity. Typography, color, imagery and graphic elements are design components that help establish the identity’s visual vocabulary. We develop identities that drive recognition and build awareness through consistent application across all your design components.

Branding + Strategy

  • Developing a Strategy

    Strategy is the driving force behind our branding and design process. By jointly defining business objectives, competitive threats, and unique opportunities — we ensure the proper design solution to creatively position our clients for sustained success.

  • Building a Brand

    Crafting a fully integrated visual architecture provides a compelling and consistent point of view, creates differentiation and supports a unique brand voice. By creating brand guidelines and standards, we provide a vocabulary/system that establishes rules and guidelines for how your identity, messaging, voice, and brand values should work throughout company marketing communications.

Website Design + Development

  • Envisioning a Website

    An effective, professional and engaging website can be the first and most effective way for others to experience your brand. That means site design and usability are critical. We design responsive websites that reinforce brand personality, deliver superior user experiences and present clear, concise and accessible content designed to engage your audiences.

  • Customizing Development

    Our development team leverages the latest in web technologies to deliver customized, high-performing, and reliable website solutions. We follow the latest best standards in SEO, website security, and harness the power and flexibility of an optimized content management system (CMS), enabling our clients to manage their own website content.

Print + Packaging

  • Communicating in Print

    Conversations with your audience occur beyond the digital space. Tactile and enlightening, a printed brochure or marketing campaign is part of accentuating your brand narrative. We understand how to create unified print communications, and provide ideation, design, production and press supervision services.

  • Engaging Packaging

    How do you stand out on a shelf? Your packaging tells a distinctive story and needs a smart design solution that resonates with the consumer. We use our skills in design and knowledge of folds, finishing, materials and the printing process to reinforce your brand, and deliver an eye-catching experience no matter the medium.

Event + Conference

  • Visualizing an Event

    Incorporating smart design into your events can mean the difference between success and failure. Thoughtful design elements can transform a conference, symposium or non-profit gala. Done right, the design of a tradeshow or exhibit booth will help you stand out and enhance attendee interest and interaction. We use design, branding and spatial opportunities to successfully communicate your key messages, products, services, and brand narrative to each viewer.

  • Unifying a Conference

    What are your branded experiences like in three dimensions? Does your conference have a unique visual identity? Is your wayfinding system legible, accessible and clear? We are well-versed in bringing your story to life, inspiring your audience and strengthening your brand.


  • Crafting an Advertisement

    Looking to launch a brand, disrupt a category, nurture a brand, or have a conversation? Whether in print or online, we create advertising that can elevate you above your competitors and engage the type of customers you desire.

  • Constructing the Unconventional

    Audiences suffer from information and graphical overload. To differentiate your company and build positive perceptions, you need powerful visuals to reinforce your brand. From direct mail and vehicle design, to apparel or building signage — we help visual create experiences that deliver arresting impressions that will resonate with your audiences and help you stand apart.

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