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Any design firm that comes in and tells you they have all the right answers, simply isn’t listening.

To come up with powerful solutions, it takes more than a design eye, it also takes a business mind and an attentive ear. At Monderer Design, we take the time to ask the questions that are essential to understanding your business and identifying your unique website marketing challenges. By translating the abstract into the tangible, we connect ideas and audiences, and find a clear and compelling way to visually tell your story.

Our clients appreciate intelligent solutions that connect them with their customers, and above all, they appreciate being heard.

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We See the Big Picture

  • We’re well-versed at building integrated brands that evolve
  • We creatively address larger forward-thinking design challenges
  • We understand the importance of consistency of your brand
  • We understand complex subjects, and turn them into simple, intelligent, unified visual solutions
  • We build custom websites that are built on your unique/exact needs
  • We implement content management systems to allow for our clients to easily make updates and changes
  • Our design solutions utilize smart user experience, intuitive navigation, and content hierarchy to inform users and increase engagement
  • We exploit color, typography and imagery
  • You have direct contact with team leaders, designers and developers – not intermediaries
  • We optimize your site to deliver speed and the attention you deserve
  • We go the extra mile to meet our own high standards

Don’t be fooled into using website templates. We advise developing a custom built website. Here’s why:

Website Template

  • Low budget solution – customizations can be costly
  • Good for temporary landing pages or brochure style website
  • Limited support
  • Limited customization, flexibility, and functionality
  • Slow loading due to bloated code included in templates
  • Generic design – you’ll look like everyone else
  • Have to squeeze your logo and content into readymade theme
  • Less control of responsive and mobile views
  • Short-term benefits – does not scale with your business

Custom Built Website

  • Investment in your business, with flexible pricing based on content and complexity of the solution
  • Built to scale and grow with your business
  • Includes a customized content management system (CMS) and training
  • Design and content flexibility
  • Optimized functionality, relationships, and features
  • Custom design – built around your business, messaging, and your visual branding
  • Responsive, mobile friendly design
  • Long-term rewards – built to evolve and grow with your business
  • Open-source CMS, allows you to host your website almost anywhere
  • Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and a solid SEO foundation
  • Optimize website for speed, browser compatibility, and implement basic security measures.
  • Integrations with CRM, social media, or other third-party tools

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