Actym Therapeutics Branding & Website

We show radical science brilliantly. Actym Therapeutics is targeting intractable pathways in the tumor microenvironment, using a highly engineered bacteria to deliver payload combinations. We were selected to create Actym’s new corporate identity and website to showcase their innovative technology. Branding deliverables included a new PowerPoint template, business cards, color and typographic standards, sourcing medical illustrations, and coordinating lab photography.


Actym Therapeutics

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Color Palette


Scientific Illustrations

Actym Logo

Because Actym’s science is so revolutionary, they wanted to ensure their visual brand projected the non-incremental nature of their therapeutic approach. Our color palette and collateral pair bright, fresh colors with a restrained, muted secondary palette.

Actym Page Collateral

Our website for Actym Therapeutics maintains that balance of conservative and innovative, with a clean design energized by subtle animations. We coordinated numerous medical illustrations detailing their science and payload delivery mechanism, and our studio created a video showing their innovative bioreactor technology.

Actym Animation Window

“Stewart Monderer and his team deliver. They were able to successfully illustrate technical concepts in a profound and high-impact manner. Their output surpassed my wildest imaginations for how to best communicate the promise of Actym’s technology. They are prompt, diligent and collaborative.”

Christopher D. Thanos, CEOActym Therapeutics

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