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We help biotech companies accelerate identification of disease modifying therapeutics. Carmot Therapeutics is leading a paradigm shift in the treatment of diabetes and metabolic disease. We were selected to create a new corporate identity and website to revitalize their bearing in the biotech space and reflect their groundbreaking work. Their name comes from “carmot,” the elusive active ingredient in the Philosopher’s stone, considered the key to eternal health.


Carmot Therapeutics

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Carmot Logo Identity

Our logo uses geometric, layered shapes to emphasize the process of their proprietary Chemotype Evolution discovery technology whereby drug molecules evolve through successive iterations of synthesis and screening. The hexagon shape appears in branding and wayfinding elements, and in supporting textures, all buoyed by a new cool color palette, that serve as the foundation for Carmot’s communications.

Carmot Branding Guide

Our website built upon their new corporate brand look and feel. We worked with Carmot to organize their content as well as design the website's visuals. Full-screen humanistic images for the home and main science pages’ hero areas provide bold visuals that balances with clean presentations of content and information.

Carmot Home Pages

Other unique elements, like full-screen leadership bios, an interactive carousel of target molecules, and diagram that rewards the curious viewer with the differing benefits of their program molecules, make interaction with the new Carmot website an engaging and fresh user experience throughout.

As we just mentioned, along with our design and website development solution, we created two complex graphics using pure CSS showing the effects of Carmot’s science on the organs in the human body. The first emphasizes the gut-brain axis and regulation of whole-body metabolism. The second interactive diagram shows the different effects of the GLP-1R and GIPR chemicals on individual organs. The user can toggle between the two chemicals and click on icons to see the increasing or decreasing affect for each.

Glp Gpir Graphic 2

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