Harvard Stem Cell Institute Annual Report

Shining a light on stem cell research. The Harvard Stem Cell Institute harnesses the power of stem cells to find cures for human diseases. We created their 2018 annual report, highlighting the process of discovery and the myriad ways in which HSCI supports the researchers who work with them. It included in-depth articles as well as short highlights, a year-in-review statistics page, and the centerpiece of the report: a diagram showing a complete timeline from experimentation in the lab to a viable pharmaceutical. Our geometric design approach focused on the multifaceted approach HSCI takes to supporting stem cell research, tying together existing imagery with custom graphics and icons.


Harvard Stem Cell Institute

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Annual Report



Inside Spreads

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“Ecosystem of Innovation” Infographic

We also translated the print report to a visually engaging companion website, built on an easily editable platform.

Homepage and Feature Story Page

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Mobile Views

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