Privitar Branding System

We align vision and visuals. Privitar selected Monderer Design to explore, ideate and create a fresh “look and feel” for their marketing collateral and company wide communication system. Their focus on data provisioning as a core concept was no longer being supported by their existing design style. Our collaboration with Privitar led to a solution that reflected their leading data provisioning technology by creating a unique visual narrative that Privitar would truly own within a competitive marketplace.







Privitar 5 Covers

Previous Branding

Privitar’s previous branding used an image filter to represent data privacy. While interesting, it no longer reflected their current messaging. We worked to create a less generic style that would firmly position them as a data provisioning company.

Privitar Previous Branding


We started with photographic and geometric explorations. Some reflected the three points of data that "identify a record," while others focused more on the act of provisioning: taking data apart and putting it together to gain new insights.

Privitar Initial Explorations

Our Solution

Through a highly collaborative process with Privitar’s design team, we created a flexible, unifying design system using geometric “building blocks” to form a distinct narrative. These components represent their product’s functions: data access, data flow/speed, data usage, target solution and privacy. Patterns based on these blocks can be implemented at varying levels of complexity based on topic and resource type. Strategic use of subtle gradients and a newly expanded color palette soften the look.

Privitar Building Blocks

These patterns were initially applied to collateral covers, as well as to the inside of a new eBook. Our branding solution allows for the application of this new visual language to be applied to the entire suite of marketing literature, and company wide. This distinct and vibrant design system reflects Privitar’s current mission and goals.

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